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Jaime Blanke is the visionary founder and CEO of Aquagem Media Group, boasting an impressive 18-year career in the dynamic world of marketing. Her journey began in the heart of corporate America, where she cut her teeth in entry-level marketing and production roles at iconic institutions like NBC Universal and Major League Baseball.

A distinguished alumna of Rutgers University, Jaime graduated summa cum laude, leading her class with a dual degree in Business and Journalism. Her academic excellence laid the foundation for a remarkable career that would later flourish into Aquagem Media Group.

In 2016, driven by an innate passion for design, marketing and video production, Jaime embarked on a path of entrepreneurship. Aquagem was a product of her assisting close family and friends in managing their social media, crafting compelling websites, and developing their unique branding. Her innate creativity and ability to unlock potential quickly set her apart.

Social media marketing became her forte, and she excelled in this ever-evolving landscape. Starting with just a few clients, Jaime meticulously nurtured Aquagem Media Group, expanding it to now serve over 50 companies across 50 states nationwide.

Beyond her professional success, Jaime finds inspiration in her beautiful daughter and her amazing husband. Her life motto, "Live with a relentless pursuit of greatness," encapsulates her unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering creativity, and helping others achieve their highest potential.


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